Alice in Borderland: The End of the Original Manga Series Explained (2023)

Haro AsosAlice in the Borderlandis one of the most popular sci-fi thriller manga series with a worldwide circulation of over 1.3 million copies (as of March 2016). According to the Oricon weekly manga chart as of June 22, 2014, the series ranked 48th with 21,496 copies sold. Haro Aso's manga series also inspired a Netflix live-action adaptation directed by Shinsuke Sato.

The live-action series received a surprising IMDB rating of 7.6 after receiving positive acclaim worldwide for its cinematography, use of graphic violence, eye-catching visuals and gripping performances by the main cast. Like NetflixAlice in the Borderlandended its second season, fans wondered if the manga was over.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the Alice in Borderland manga and live adaptation spoilers.

Alice in the BorderlandThe ending of Netflix's live adaptation is not very different from the original manga series

Alice in the BorderlandManga-Ende:

Alice in Borderland: The End of the Original Manga Series Explained (1)

By playing three rounds of croquet with Mira, the Queen of Hearts, Arisu wins, and everyone has a choice of staying in Borderland or refusing. Arisu, Usagi, Heiya, Aguni, Chishiya, Kiuna and Niragi declined the offer of permanent residency. However, Banda and Yaba, the Jack of Hearts contestants featured in the early chapters, chose to stay.

Later, Arisu had an audience with a mysterious being who appeared with his signature wild card. Later, Arisu was transported to the real world where he awoke amid the devastating meteor catastrophe that blew the city of Tokyo to pieces. Arisu met Usagi, but since they couldn't remember each other, it was deja vu for both of them. Nevertheless, they tried to get to know each other.

Alice in Borderland: The End of the Original Manga Series Explained (2)

The last chapter ofAlice in the Borderland, titled the731st Day of Atonement, set two years after the return to the real world and the Tokyo meteor catastrophe. A reporter interviewed random people on the street by asking them, "What do you live for?" The reporter received honest to strange answers from people to her questions.

The last person the reporter interviewed was Arisu, who did not answer the question when interrupted by his phone. After Arisu picked up the call, he spoke to someone who was not revealed in the manga chapters, but most fans suspect it's Usagi. On the phone,Arisutalked about his career in clinical psychology, the professor praised his reports and planned a hike more geared towards beginners.

Alice in the BorderlandNetflix's adaptation changed the ending only slightly

In the live-action series, the grand finale ofseason 2stayed true to the original source materialHaro Aso'SAlice in the Borderlanduntil the last minute. However, the adaptation discarded the interaction of Joker and Arisu, one of the most intriguing scenes from the manga chapters that fans were eagerly awaiting.

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Instead of the physical manifestation of the mysteriousJoker, the series only featured his signature card, which appeared after the wind blew through a scattered deck of cards on a table at the end of the episode.

It's hard to predict the continuation of the series as season 2 covers the remaining chapters of the manga and there is no more source material to adapt for season 3.

Will Haro Aso continueAlice in the Borderland?

New illustration of Arisu and Chishiya by Alice in Borderlands manga author Haro Aso.#AliceInBorderland2 #AliceInBorderlandS2 #KentoYamazaki #NijiroMurakami

Haro AsosAlice in the Borderlandwas published in Shogakukan's Sunday S-Magazine from November 5, 2010 to March 25, 2015. The 65 individual chapters (exactly 87 chapters, including subchapters) were collected into 18 tankobon volumes published between April 2011 and April 2016.

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After completing the original manga series, Haro intended to retire from drawing. However, he later came out of retirement to draw twospin offStories:Alice on the Frontier Road, published in eight tankobon volumes between January 18, 2016 and March 19, 2017, andAlice in Borderland: Replay, published in two volumes between December 11, 2020 and February 18, 2021.

The originalManga Seriesis over and Haro has no intention of continuing the story. However, as he comes out of retirement, fans can expect more spinoff series in the near future.

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What happens at the end of Alice in Borderland manga explained? ›

The original Alice in Borderland manga ends quite similarly to how the Netflix series ended, with Arisu and the other characters waking up in the real world after spending one minute between life and death.

What is the true ending of Alice in Borderland? ›

Borderland was a land between life and death, in which those who died in the games were killed by the meteor in reality. Arisu and his remaining companions from the end of the season – including Ann, who is resuscitated in the hospital – have survived.

What happened at the end of Alice in Borderland 1? ›

In the end, finding someone else to face the games together has been enough. Arisu finishes the game, and Mira has a good time. She wins two out of three rounds as the sun sets on Borderland, but she dies by laser. “Life is like a game,” she says in her weirdly supportive final words.

What chapter of the manga does Alice in Borderland end? ›

"731st Day of Restitution" (きこくななひゃくさんじゅういちにちめ, Kikoku Nanahyaku Sanjū Ichini Chime?) is the sixth chapter of the 18th volume and the 65th and final chapter overall of the Alice in Borderland manga, written and illustrated by Haro Aso.


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